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This is a home and commercial contractor who goes under numerous names.Has expired license in Washington state but still practices.

Owner Araz Razzaghy installed $15000 worth of tile in our home improperly. We have tried for 1 year to get the problem resolved with no luck. The flooring in our home is cracking, coming up and is unstable and dangerous to walk on. We have turned to an attorney to get resolution.

This contractor has multiple fines in Oregon state and is doing commercial work in CA - beware. As I stated, we tried reasonably to resolve for over a year. Shir came to our home once to "resolve" but they only wanted to replace certain tiles - while at our home, their workers broke our dining room light, put a hole in our wall and left a huge hole in the hallway. The owner Araz said he would come back to fix and NEVER did!

We had to pay someone to close the hole in our hallway after our small dog fell into it. We still have the hole in our wall and broken light. And the flooring is off on height where the new tiles were put in, the floor goes up and down.

Shir has promised to come out on numerous occassions, we have waited and they stood us up each time.UGH!

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I have not been on this site since I originally posted but was altered to the site by a new comment so I thought I would give an update. These are facts - that can be verified with our attorney.

I am willing to remove my post once the shoddy work is fixed - for example we have a $600 roofing and water damage repair due to Shir incorrectly installation of the roof around the chimney - work is being done this week to fix by a qualified roofer.. We still have mismatched trim at the front door that doesnt touch the floor properly when we had to have the tile removed and properly installed. I have a list of all the items needing correction and we have been working through this list but it is costly.

Finally, I am not the only one who has had issues with this contractor - check the WA State licensing board and you will see he has a complaint against his bond. In Oregon he has several complaints under his various business names and a $5000 penalty (that is huge) from Hillsboro or Beaverton (I cant recall) for working without a license.

We just want a home without issues and then are happy to close this complaint. Just an update since someone posted on this complaint.

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #651657

I too had an issue with this contractor. Check the Oregon State Contractor website and you will see numerous complaints against the owner.

Kamuela, Hawaii, United States #651636

I've had a custom home built by Mr.Razzaghy along with numerous upgrades, repairs and remodels on my 3 rental properties.

I find it odd and shocking to read such a negative review about Shir.I guess you can't make everybody happy!

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